About The Legacy of Barubash
The Legacy of Barubash is a single player story driven action-RPG currently in development for Android devices, including smartphones, tablets and the OUYA. The Legacy of Barubash aims to deliver a role playing game experience on your Android device, without asking you to make any in-game purchases, add neighbours or any of that new-fangled social obligation stuff. Once you purchase the game, you play it as a traditional RPG. No strings attached.

Gameplay in The Legacy of Barubash will be a fast paced, action experience. There will be added depth and complexity with features such as gesture controlled spells, crafting, customisable skill trees and spell choices.

Bringing down enemies beyond the basic bunnies will require thought and a tactical approach. Successfully defeating enemies will allow your character to progress and grow stronger.

If you want a break from the main story, you'll be able to choose from one of the many side quests, bounty hunts or select a stand-alone challenge. Your progress and items will carry back into the main game.

The Legacy of Barubash has strong storytelling elements alongside the action. Choices made during gameplay will decide how the main character, Kaleb develops throughout the game and may even have long-reaching effects on the game world.

List of Key Features: Merc shack
  • Central story based around choices
  • Customisable skill and magic trees
  • Stand-alone challenges for when you need shorter play sessions
  • Crafting
  • Side quests
  • Gesture controlled spells
  • A choice between using an on-screen thumb pad or stroke gesture controls for movement (you can also attach a keyboard and mouse)
  • DRM free
  • Part proceeds (20%) goes straight to charity
The Legacy of Barubash will be released in chapters. Chapters will be available for purchase either separately or you will able to pre-purchase the chapters in a set and receive them as soon as we complete them.

We are currently in a Beta testing stage, but access to the game is available for supporters. If you'd like to become a supporter and help us get The Legacy of Barubash completed a little faster, check out our donation page
About Kactus Games
Kactus Games is a small independent developer based in Perth, Western Australia. It was founded in mid-2010 when Kamil and Sue impulsively decided to make a game for Android. We currently have three Perth based team members.

All of the team members have grown up with video games and have a passion for RPGs. We wanted to blend the best of the JRPG with what we enjoyed from the western style RPGs, as well as to make something more complex than a casual game for the Android platform. Overwhelmingly, our main goal was to make something we’d enjoy playing ourselves.
Kamil Czajko Kamil Czajko: MD, Programmer, Designer
Sue CzajkoSue Czajko: Art Director, Writer
Jono Jonathon Morald: Art Assistant, Web Admin
In addition to the core Perth team members, Stephan Duquesnoy (Stroke Studios)provides us with arty things all the way from the Netherlands while Gina Zdanowicz and Spencer Bambrick(Serial Lab)makes soundy things for us from their New York studio.

All of us at Kactus Games are passionate about games, but we’re also passionate about improving the lives of those less fortunate. We hope that we will be able to keep Kactus Games running as a self-sustaining method of generating donations for established charities.

Kactus Games is currently authorised to collect funds forMedicins Sans Frontieresand are hoping to add other charities to the list. 20% of all revenue will be forwarded to selected charities. Player feedback will help us choose which charities to give to in future. There is a relevant section in ourforumsfor discussions on the merits of certain charities. If you feel strongly about a cause, let us know there!