Denham Assets

The Legacy of Barubash: Chapter 1 begins in the sleepy rural hamlet of Denham, which is safely nestled in the bends of the local Catfish River. The river provides the townsfolk protection from roaming brigands and wild animals that roam the more densely forested areas around town.

There are varied terrains around Denham village, ranging from gentle farmland, swamps and wild forests.
Kaleb concepts


Kaleb is a young hunter who has lived in Denham for his entire life. Kaleb has recently married Tafne, his childhood sweetheart and is awaiting the birth of his first child. Soon, events will change how Kaleb sees his world forever.
Deena concepts


Deena's rebellious nature and her knack of getting into places where she shouldn't be has seen her end up on the wrong side of the law all too frequently.