News 2013-11-18
Jono has a write up of our process for Art and Sound CompressionClick here for details
News 2013-07-01
We are giving away three 3 day passes to PAX Australia!Click here for details
News 2013-03-12
Recently Ars Technica interviewed us and a few other indie developers regarding the OUYA and games in development. For the love of the game
News 2013-01-05
The Penny Arcade Report recently sat down with us and Jacob Ensign from Code Zombie and asked us about our thoughts on the OUYA developer's kit.. An in depth examination of ouya tech specs
News 2012-11-24
Super cool Matt Sainsbury fromDigitally Downloadedtook the time to sit down and interview us regarding Kactus Games, The Legacy of Barubash and the state of Android games.Here's the interview!
News 2012-11-22
We're over the moon here at Kactus Games! We've managed to snag a booth atPAX Aus

Come on down, up, left, right...whichever way you need to travel to visit us, we would love to meet you all!

Come follow us on twitter we'll be organising competitions in future to win some now sold-out 3 day passes to PAX Aus.
News 2012-11-17
Our November blog post is up and contains the first sample of music from our sound designer...Read More