Kactus Games
Based in Perth, Australia

Founding date:
September 21, 2010


Press / Business Contact:

Skype: kactusotp

Legacy Of Barubash

Perth, Western Australia

+61 (4) 27 42 43 41


Kactus Games is an independent game studio based in Perth, Western Australia. We love RPGs and want to bring a RPG to the Android platform that melds elements from classic titles from both east and west, while also utilising current touch screen technology.


Pre-Kactus Games

Kamil and Sue met in high school through lunch time & D&D (2nd Edition) play sessions. Eventually Kamil graduated with a degree in Computer Science and worked on various non-game related corporate projects. Kamil has made several games before The Legacy of Barubash but completed very few and released none, thinking of game making as a hobby. Sue went off to fix teeth. However, unsatisfied with a job that did not allow for much creativity she quit dental practise after a few years and studied concept art.

Early History

Kactus Games was formed in mid-2010 when Kamil and Sue impulsively thought, “Hey, let’s make a small simple RPG! It can’t take more than a few months!” Soon the project took on a life of its own. The scope of the project was greatly broadened by an investor who promised funds for the game. However the money never materialised, and Kactus Games is still entirely self-funded. Both Kamil and Sue found themselves waving goodbye to a day job (although Kamil kept one job so as to take care of that pesky money for food problem). The Legacy of Barubash soon required additional team members. Sue approached Stephan Duquesnoy, a concept artist based in the Netherlands whom she had met through the concept art community. Stephan then formed Stroke Studios and went on to provide almost all of the visuals for The Legacy of Barubash. Simon Bennett joined the team early on as a linguist, sound designer and writer. Unfortunately Simon had to the leave the project in mid-2012 due to changed personal circumstances.


Kactus Games has recently brought Gina Zdanowicz of Serial Lab studios onto the project as a sound designer. Gina has done sound work on a number of game titles, including Bioshock 2 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Jonathon Morald also joined the team as an all-round art assistant and web administrator. Working on The Legacy of Barubash now occupies most of Kamil and Sue’s waking hours. It is currently in alpha testing with plans to move to beta soon. Chapter 1 of The Legacy of Barubash will be released in 2013 for Android, including the OUYA.


LMG Developer interview with Kamil Czajko 2011 YouTube

Team Hello 2011 YouTube


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There are far more images available for Kactus Games, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

Awards & Recognition

  • "LMG Showcase 2012 Voting Results" - LMG Showcase 2012 Best Game 3rd place

Selected Articles

  • "If you want a nice, chunky interview to read this weekend, the kind folks at Kactus Games have a killer interview on Digitally Downloaded. Hooray for Aussie indies!"
    - Matthew Sainsbury, Digitally Downloaded
  • "Kam did a fantastic talk earlier, and I only wish Notch had seen that before he began working on Minecraft"
    - Martin Smith, LMG 2012 Discussion panel

Team & Repeating

Kamil Czajko
Designer, Programmer, Managing Director

Sue Czajko
Art Director, Writer

Jonathon Morald
Art Assistant, Web Admin

Stephan Duquesnoy

Sebastiaan van Asperen

Gina Zdanowicz
Music and sound effects

Spencer Bambrick
Music and sound effects

Simon Bennett
Early music and sound effects, languages and writing

Charlotte Scott
Early social media manager

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